The software that formatted what you're reading now.
After trying a couple hosted and self-hosted blogging solutions, I've settled on GitBook itself is opensource software and provides a free or paid GitBook hosting service.
The thing that's best about GitBook is the way you can organize a structured outline of the site's contents. The other killer feature is it's ability to do code-related formatting, including:
    an editor almost as nice as Medium (and more featured)
    contents/outline with nesting and collapsing
    code blocks with language-specific highlighting
    tabs (e.g. to provide examples in different languages, platforms, etc.)
Case #1
Case #2
This is an example in case one.
This is an example for another case.
    API documentation form
    variants (e.g. different spoken language versions of a page)
    integrations: Slack, GitHub, Google Analytics, Intercom
    versioning of edits (as in why it's called 'git'book)
    the free service also allows using a custom domain name
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